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The onset of a crisis is not the time to determine the best plan of action, while stress may lead to ineffective decision making, the time needed to develop a plan creates a sense of silence that is usually detrimental. Nothing creates a sense of chaos like a vacuum of information. In periods of uncertainty human nature will seek to find answers, flawed logic or misinformation are not out of play in this endeavor. 


Supporting our clients at every step of the way through whatever circumstance exists, we understand that the 24-hour news cycle has made it crucial to respond to a crisis within a timeframe which allows the organization’s message to be relevant and controlled. GCJPR develops crisis communication plans that are specifically designed to prevent the vacuum of information by offering all stakeholders, and interested individuals, sufficient information to fill that void and calm the chaos through managing media and messaging.

Among the circumstances that would necessitate a crisis communication plan are:

  • Staff Misconduct

  • Executive Incident

  • Change in leadership

  • Data Breach/Client Information

  • Public Policy Change

  • Client Incident

  • Campus Incident or Accident

  • Legal Incident

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